Adao Joao Gomes de Miranda, best known as Dodo Miranda is an Angolan Singer and Music Producer.  Dodo was born on December 12 in Democratic Republic of Congo (where his parents found refuge during times of war in Angola).  While in the Congo he was enrolled in a primary school run by the Portuguese Embassy in Kinshasa, the capital city.  His love for music began as his parents started attending Choir Rehearsals in Kinshasa (Choir of Wizards of the Mennonite Church-Coro dos Magos da Igreja Menonita).  Dodo Miranda at age 5 already expressed an interest to join the Choir. But because of his age and Choir regulations (only youth aged 12 to 45 were allowed to join the Choir) it seemed impossible to be admitted.  After the Choir director saw his consistent passion and desire to join the choir, and how gifted musically he was, staff decided to grant an exception to Dodo Miranda and he joined the Choir.  In attending the rehearsals he began to mark the first steps capturing the first musical notes under the guidance of the Master Meneses. When he was eight years old he integrated the staff of the Choir, having later become technical director and arranger of the Choir.  His first teacher, the late Rev. Pastor Adao Pedro de Meneses, Abel da Cunha never hesitated to entrust the regency of the Choir to Dodo Miranda even though his age was a concern to many. 

 His vocation was notorious and reached its peek with the influence of the great Congolese Master Joassain Ipipo Zorino who taught him important musical techniques. 

 In 1995 he joined the Academy of Music in Luanda, Angola after having attended several seminars taught by the Mennonite Church and American missionaries.  His taste in sacred music is a result of influence suffered by world renowned artists such as Marvin Gay, Aretha Franklin, Mahalya Jacson, Golden Gate Quartet, Les Palata, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Trio Sango Malamu, the blues made at the time by BB King, Muddy Waters, and had strong influence of the great pioneer of Congolese gospel music then late Charles Mombaya Massain.Dodo Miranda has published seven (7) albums.  Winner of the first edition of the Festival of songs of "R.N.A" Nacional Radio of Angola in 1997 interpreting the song in Kikongo "Tusanisa".  He has been participating in various music festivals in Africa, Europe, and North America: Dodo Miranda has performed in Toronto, Canada in September 26, 2015, "Basakoli Festival".  During his concert in Luanda, Angola which took place in a venue known as 'Cine Karl Marx' Lokua Kanza, a Congolese superstar spoke of Dodo Miranda as a rare talent, one of the great revelations of African music.  Dodo has participated in various international projects with Lokua Kanza, Mano Dibango, Yousouf Ndour, Cisco (Dhru hill) U.S.A. 

 Currently Dodo Miranda has been promoting young artists in the production of works in his own studio known as "Valam Home Studio" in Luanda, Angola.